DroneSnap Services

No matter what kind of service you need, we have you covered.


DroneSnap provides claims services nationwide. We are equipped to handle catastrophe claims, drone roof assists, and thermal roof inspections.

    • Following any catastrophe, drone teams are immediately deployed to perform claims inspections on affected properties.
    • Drone roof assists are offered for high and steep roofs to help identify damage or areas susceptible to failure.
    • DroneSnap’s thermal roof inspection identifies any heat loss, pooling water, or any thermal hotspots within the subject property.


To assist with the underwriting process, DroneSnap conducts roof condition audits, high-rise property inspections, and commercial inspections.

    • DroneSnap’s dynamic report builder can create customized field and office reports tailored to your business needs.
    • Roof condition audits verify the roofing system’s current condition and help to identify any existing damage in previously inaccessible areas.
    • DroneSnap’s high-rise property Inspections document any damage on high-rise buildings, such as spalling on high-rise oceanfront properties.
    • DroneSnap will inspect commercial properties ranging from residential to mercantile or warehouse exposures.

Real Estate

DroneSnap offers real estate services including roof inspections, high-quality aerial photography, and custom video footage. DroneSnap uses the latest technology to ensure that properties are in satisfactory conditions during a sale.

    • Roof Inspections identify flaws in the roof system including curling, lifting, and cracking shingles.
    • DroneSnap’s high quality aerial video and photography for residential and commercial real estate marketing showcases the beauty and value in any property from unmatched angles.
    • DroneSnap can create custom video footage for websites, sales videos, or commercials.

Property Management

DroneSnap can assist with property management needs, including 40-Year inspections, and roof inspections. DroneSnap can partner with HOAs or COAs to offer professional photography and roof surveys of entire associations.

    • DroneSnap will verify the integrity of roofing systems to assist with the 40-year inspection process.
    • DroneSnap’s non-invasive roof inspections will not cause damage to roof systems, especially tile roofs.
    • Homeowner’s Associations value DroneSnap’s detailed roof photos and easy-to-read summaries.


Through site preparation, surveying, progress monitoring, and inventory management, DroneSnap provides detailed photos and reports throughout the whole construction process.

    • Surveying the property with DroneSnap’s drone team offers a bird’s eye view of every inconsistency in elevation and creates a visual for the property lines.
    • With DroneSnap’s progress monitoring, the client will be able to see up close at how far along the property is coming.
    • DroneSnap’s inventory management assists with managing the inventory with visual identifications of all materials.


DroneSnap is powered by Inspection Depot.

    • DroneSnap provides detailed Drone Inspection Training to the expert standards of Inspection Depot.
    • Discounted FAA Part 107 Drone License study material is available through an affiliate partner – please reach out for more information.
    • If you are interested in flying with DroneSnap, please complete our registration form on our register page.
    • Drone Inspection Training sessions are available at Eventbrite.com